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just about now II

Based on the exhibition just about now at TENT Rotterdam, 2000, this CD serves as its catalog. The exhibition was organized by audio.nl and curated by Shinichi Yanai and Roel Meelkop.

Price: € 10,77
The CD includes a booklet with an introduction by Brandon Labelle Sounding Out: Reverberations Across Space,and with contributions in by all the artists.

This is the second CD with the same title, the first one being V227 from 1998.


1 (m/s)*, observation of thermal states through wave phenomena based on a specific boundary condition
2 BMB.con, musical box
3 Peter Duimelinks, tre cavalli neri
4 Frans de Waard, hoorbaar
5 Edwin Van Der Heide, impuls #5
6 Jio Shimizu, direction, distance and periodicity
7 Masahiro Miwa, 18sai-no-shi
8 Roel Meelkop & Reinier Schimmel, in (t)here
9 Toshiya Tsunoda, limiting sound signals by setting up a gate
10 Justin Bennett, site (tanger)

*(m/s) is Minoru Sato