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CD with booklet, which contains schematics detailing the recording process of the different audio track, an essay by m/s, explaining the works and the ideas of WrK concerning sound as a physical vibration and audio signal transmission system of this and an essay by Achim Wollscheid titled The Beautiful and the Specific.

Price: € 10,77


1 Toshiya Tsunoda Untitled, 13:20
2 Toshiya Tsunoda Untitled, 13:42
3 Hiroyuki Iida Untitled, 10:20
4 Jio Shimizu Untitled, 15:50
5 m/s Untitled, 14:11

WrK are Toshiya Tsunoda, Hiroyuki Iida, Jio Shimizu and m/s.

General concept, essay and audio piece by m/s (aka Minoru Sato).

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